Friday, September 26, 2014

New London Photo in Place of a Cocktail

I played tourist in my own town today, and wandered around the Hempstead Historic District. Such a gorgeous autumn day! And there I was, the only tourist to be found.

New London Photo in Place of a Cocktail - Hempsted Houses

The 17th and 18th century Hempsted Houses were closed; the streets around were empty, and lined with unrenovated 19th century housing stock. So strange - it must be what Charleston was like, back in the day!

And then I went around the corner to Fiddleheads to pick up some hot fennel garlic sausage (Orsini's, of course!) to use with pizza tonight (maybe with the kale from the Farmer's Market? no, DP just suggested using the beet greens, which will be great!), and things seemed much livelier. 

So I should just appreciate 'undiscovered' New London, and be grateful to be missing the hordes of tourists pouring off the cruise ships? Probably. It does make navigating traffic easier...

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