Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brandied Ginger Gold

Wednesday is Farmers' Market day in our neck of New London (sometimes, unlike in Charleston, it almost seems to be a singular Farmer's Market, but today there were half a dozen stands set up). I walked up this afternoon to stock up on tomatoes (just coming in), and eggs, and blueberries...  and Ginger Gold apples, the first apples of the season!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be in New England for apple season. Lots of cider awaits!

Ginger Gold apples naturally got me thinking of Ginger cocktails, and back in the day we made a Brandied Ginger that called out for a Curtain Call.  The recipe in the Guide called for too much brandy and not enough ginger, so this time around I shook up the recipe as you'll find it online

Well, mostly as you'll find it online...  After my years working with the Guide, I'm a firm believer in a healthy sized drink, and I decided to triple the online recipe in order to make two cocktails.

My recipe for two glasses of Brandied Ginger:

3 oz Brandy
1.5 oz Ginger Brandy
.5 oz Lime Juice
.5 oz Orange Juice


Shake with ice and pour into two chilled cocktail glasses. Go ahead, garnish with a lime slice if you don't happen to have any preserved ginger in the house.
Ramping up the ginger flavor was absolutely the way to go, and makes a much spicier drink than the Brandied Ginger of the Guide. A nice cocktail to share on an autumnal evening like the one we're having here in Connecticut!

Tomorrow we'll be in need of a cocktail by the time the hour rolls around, but I don't think I'll be able to post it as soon as we make it...  We're going without power tomorrow in order to switch out our screw-in fuses with a new and improved panel.

All part of the fun of settling into a new house.


  1. I had the impression that nearly every day was Farmer's Market day up there...?? Can't believe you have apples already; that makes it sound like fall. No fall for us yet, I'm afraid, still very hot here. Grey is missing those cool New London nights!

  2. Oh, and good luck with the electricians!

  3. Yep, fall is really, truly here - we had our first fire on Tuesday, though I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we're crazy. But it was chilly out! And it was a good chance to test out the stove, which does actually work, which is a huge relief... Now to figure out how the radiators work! Come up and show us - we miss you!